[UUA-L] Green Sanctuary Program to be Managed by UUA Beginning July 1

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Thu Apr 24 14:59:23 EDT 2008

April 16, 2008

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Ministry for Earth and the
Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA), we are
delighted to share some exciting news. Staring this July, the UU
Ministry for Earth's successful Green Sanctuary Program will start to be
managed by the UUA as a part of their Congregational Services program. 

The Green Sanctuary Program (see
http://uuministryforearth.org/grs_overview.htm ), created and nurtured
by the UU Ministry for Earth, has seen exponential growth in recent
years, indicating a deep longing by congregations to put their values
into action in regard to their Earth concerns. We are proud of the
congregations who have taken the work to heart and used the program to
challenge themselves to a deeper commitment to a sustainable and just
world. After years of dedicated stewardship by the UU Ministry for Earth
board, volunteer Regional Coordinators, and congregational activists,
this vital program will become the first UUA program devoted exclusively
to Earth concerns. The phenomenal success of the Green Sanctuary Program
represents the power of committed Unitarian Universalists to transform
themselves, their congregations, and their Association. 

This transition will allow the busy Ministry for Earth leadership to
cultivate important new environmental justice issues and to support UU
congregations with congregational resources and training. It will also
allow the Green Sanctuary Program to benefit from additional staff and
financial resources through our national Association. 

UU Ministry for Earth is now moving into a new phase of its work,
developing new partnerships and deepening its commitment to bring our
religious values into effective and transformative work for justice and

We wish to thank the UU Ministry for Earth members, board of directors,
and director Rev. Katherine Jesch for their hard work developing the
Green Sanctuary Program into a nationally recognized example of
spiritually-engaged ecological sustainability. Let us take a moment to
recognize and celebrate the success of this remarkable program even as
we look to expand its reach to more congregations.

In Faith,

Barbara Ford
Board Chair, UU Ministry for Earth

William G. Sinkford
President, Unitarian Universalist Association

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